Takatsuki Yoshino
Takatsuki in Middle School
Vital statistics
Position Student and Secondary Main Character
Age 10-18
Status Possible transgender teen---female to male
Physical attributes
Height Shorter than 170cm at age 14/15
Weight Unknown

Personality Edit

Yoshino Takatsuki is the first person to befriend Nitori at her new elementary school; their first conversation is about Maho's leg injury caused by their homeroom teacher, which Takatsuki had witnessed.
 He is tall for his age group and considered handsome and cool by his fellow classmates, however he is on the receiving end of a considerable amount of harassment from the other boys in his class as they perceive him as a boyish girl. Even though at this point in his life everyone thinks of him as a girl, they refer to him with the suffix reserved for young boys as an acknowledgment of his masculine nature.
Takatsuki is a nonchalant, easy-going person by nature and will try to avoid confrontation at all costs, but when his dignity comes under fire he will go to any lengths to defend his honor and those of his friends. He successfully ignores much of the teasing the other boys direct towards him, up until they insinuate his beginning menstruation means he is "actually a girl". This triggers an emotional breakdown and Takatsuki goes home in tears.
From then until the Farewell play for the 6th graders ahead of them (Maho Nitori's class), Takatsuki is at odds with the trio of bullies and comes to physical blows, beating up and being beaten up by the main antagonist. He absolutely refuses to apologize to the other boy when their parents become involved. Since then Takatsuki has had a heightened aversion to conflict regarding his gender presentation, as he does not want to be considered rebellious or troublesome by others, or attract more of the same negative treatment he has already received.
Takatsuki wants to be considered "cool" or handsome by other people and tries to exert his independence as much as he can without overstepping societal boundaries. He began leaving home to visit remote places by subway, dressed in male clothes after he got his hair cut short in 5th grade, and has since continued to present himself as male to people who cannot criticize him for it. On his first outing he meets an older woman who finds him charming and asks him name. A startled Takatsuki gives Nitori's first and last name as she is the only one with a male name to come to mind. She gave him her number, and at the thought that this had been a pick up attempt, Takatsuki cheered to himself, proud of the fact an adult woman found him attractive as a male. Takatsuki went to middle school in the male uniform for a while with little scolding, however when it became apparent to him people thought he was just imitating the appearance of being male and not actually being a man, in addition to a sense of justice and solidarity for Nitori who was not allowed to present as female at school, he stopped wearing the boys' uniform. He said it wasn't fair that he could wear what he wanted to and she couldn't, at the same time thought she admitted to being transgender when she did it, while he remained silent about his intentions.
Takatsuki attempts to befriend Saori Chiba after a falling out, feeling responsible for the discord their conflict has caused his surrounding friend group, and fearing rejection in all its forms. Saori tends to undermine his self-esteem regarding his masculinity and then win back his favor using small comments meant to acknowledge that she gets how he feels about himself, all the while disagreeing with it. One such event is when she says he should grow his hair out because even boys have long hair, and when he does, she says she is happy because in her eyes it makes him cuter and more feminine, but when she reveals that opinion he immediately cuts it short again in retaliation.
Takatsuki's family consists of a Mother, Father, Older sister, and Older brother, who are all very doting and loving of him. Takatsuki loves his family and is not quarrelsome by nature, but their insistence on attempting to feminize him causes him to butt heads with them at times. His mother is the biggest promoter of femininity for him; she buys him girl's clothes that he never wears, and continues to buy more even though the old ones go untouched. She tried to convince him to enroll at his older sister's all-girls school because she wanted to see him in the girls' uniform. In one chapter Takatsuki is remembering things his family has said, his father assuming his masculinity means he is a butch woman, and his mother lamenting that Takatsuki's sister is disobedient and being disappointing because she had been relying on Takatsuki to be the daughter she always wanted with whom she could have things in common. They are only supportive of him once he attempts to present as female, and were previously resigned to tolerating his behavior. The boys' uniform that Takatsuki wears in 5th grade is a hand-me-down from his older brother, the girls' uniform he gives to Nitori for her birthday is a hand-me-down from Takatsuki's older sister.
Like Nitori, Takatsuki experiences physical and social gender dysphoria for many years. Takatsuki was humiliated and disdainful of menstruation, collapsing to the ground in shock at the knowledge he has grown breasts, started searching and buying a chest binder in order to concele his breasts and not have to wear a bra, which he considers an indicator of femininity He also wanted to be taller, and ultimately wanted to have a penis.
As of chapter 105 his isolation from his support group of Nitori and his other more accepting friends, combined with societal pressure, and the pushing of Saori Chiba, Takatsuki has entered a confused, questioning phase in his life, experimenting with feminine identity in order to prove to himself he is a man, not just a girl who hates the things expected of women. Years of fear and rejection catch up to him and he embraces the positive attention and adulation he receives on finally being able to please people with his existence. He loses the resolve to consider himself male anymore, and as of the final chapter we know he still wants to be a transgender person, and believes transitioning is the right path, but lacks the drive to pursue it and thinks that leaving his body female means that he doesn't have a right to claim masculinity. He says that " [not being like Nitori]" is more painful than being romantically rejected by her, he is last seen in the manga crying as he holds hands with Nitori who no longer sees him as a boy.


Nitori Shuuichi: They have known each other since childhood. At one point Nitori expressed her feelings towards Takatsuki but it was not reciprocated at the time. Near the end of the story, Takatsuki expressed her feelings for Nitori, but Nitori had been in a relationship with Anna and could not reciprocate Takatsuki's feelings.

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