" I am Juliet ! I am JULIET !! I AM JULIET !!! "

---Ariga Makoto

Makoto, also known as Mako, is a transgender male-to-female teenager, and a classmate of Shuichi, Yoshino, and Chi.

( Because Mako is a male-to-female transgender teen, Gender Neutral Pronouns may used when referring to Mako's perceived birth gender. Female pronouns are used when she is presenting as a female teenager. See this article. )


Makoto first appears when the schooltime circle of friends is in sixth grade, although ze is in a different class. Known as Mako for short, though mostly only to Shuichi, Makoto was also assigned male at birth, but has a female gender identity and wishes to be a girl, and shares Shuichi's interest in dressing as their correct gender of a adolescent teenage girl. It is this that spurs Makoto to become Shuichi's closest male-to-female transgender friend. Due to facial freckles and round glasses, Makoto is not able to appear as attractive as Shuichi when wearing feminine clothes and presenting as a teen girl, but this does not hold Makoto back from wearing clothing that affirms their female gender identity. A factor in Makoto's reasons for wanting to be a girl may be due to an attraction to other boys, something Shuichi cannot relate to.

Makoto is unusually mature and is able to think calmly and objectively while providing advice to friends. Makoto also gets along well with boys and girls of the same age, because of hir good listening skills; Makoto often becomes an onlooker to what is going on in the other characters' lives, ready to offer thoughts about how to help out. Makoto is an only child, whose parents run a bakery.

When the decision is made to produce a gender non-conforming play of Romeo and Juliet for the school cultural festival, Mako is chosen, by a lottery system, to play the role of a male-to-female transgender teenage girl named Juliet. Mako at first is very apprehensive about the role and assignment, but slowly gains the self-confidence to practice and rehearse the lines and movements. At the beginning of the play, Mako, dressed in a girl's old-fashioned ankle-length empire dress, freezes up, and can not remember her opening dialog. But with the look of 'do or die trying/death before dishonor' from Saori, playing the female to male Romeo, she begins the play. However, toward the end of the play, Mako now ignites with surprising spirituality, and becomes a supernova, burning with pure passion for presenting as a teenage girl on stage, and 'brings down the house' with the suicide death scene that Juliet does at the end of the play.


Towards Shuichi : Both Mako and Shuichi love to wear pretty dresses, as well as dressing in other feminine attire that is typical of young and teenage girls. Their friendship, as well as their fashion styles, helps to bolster each other's resolve to affirm their correct female gender identity. Later, Mako bitterly complains to Shuichi that they feel that they are not cute or pretty enough to be attractive to boys, but Shuichi points out that Mako's pleasant personality is what is important, not necessarily one's looks.

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