Makoto first appears when the cast is in sixth grade, although in a different class. Known as Mako for short, though mostly only to Shuichi, Makoto was also assigned male at birth, but wishes to be a girl, and shares Shuichi's interest in cross-dressing. It is this that spurs Makoto to become Shuichi's closest friend. Due to facial freckles and round glasses, Makoto is not able to appear as cute as Shuichi when wearing feminine clothes. Makoto's primary reason for wanting to be a girl may be due to an attraction to other boys, something Shuichi cannot relate to. Makoto is unusually mature and is able to think calmly and objectively while providing advice to friends. Makoto also gets along well with boys and girls of the same age, because of good listening skills; Makoto often becomes an onlooker to what is going on in other characters' lives. Makoto is an only child whose parents run a bakery.


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