( Because Yuki is a male-to-female transgender woman, Gender Neutral Pronouns may be used when referring to hir perceived birth gender. Female pronouns are used when she is presenting as an adult, mature woman. See this article. )


Hiroyuki, usually referred to as Yuki, is a tall and attractive transgender woman living with her boyfriend Shiina.

An upbeat and optimistic person, Yuki takes an interest in Nitori Shuuichi & Yoshino Takatsuki after seeing their school's gender non-conforming version of Romeo and Juliet , later advising them on how to cope with their struggles and anxieties of being transgender and dressing as their correct gender and being out in public. She also suggests that Shuichi and Yoshino would make a good couple, and often sees them as the most compatible for one another. Even though she had a difficult time as a male to female transgender student in high school, where she was relentlessly teased and bullied, such as being forced to wear a girls' school uniform in front of her peers, she has since settled into a happier life style in the apartment she shares with Shiina and looks back without regret for transitioning to living as a woman. She was also supported by Shiina during hir high school years, which greatly helped hir.

Story (Anime)

She is not mentioned often in the anime, only in passing, as in cameo appearances. Yuki decides to take Shuichi and Yoshino under her wing, giving the latter a male student uniform as a gift, and teasing Yoshino about Shuichi and themselves having a supposed intimate relationship. She is not shown often in the anime, only appearing for the school play and at her and Shiina's apartment when Shuichi and Yoshino come to her for advice.

Yuki takes an early interest in Yoshino when she believes Yoshino to have been born as a boy, though she remains on good terms with Yoshino even after learning of Yoshino's perceived birth sex of female, and gives Shuichi and Yoshino helpful advice when they are troubled. Despite the differences between their situations, Yuki sees a lot of herself in Shuichi. When Yuki was growing up, Shiina was the only friend who stood by the young Hiroyuki, as ze was called then, while girls teased, and the boys bullied, to get Hiroyuki to change their gender expression back to the birth gender of that of a perceived male. But all during that time, Hiroyuki was immovable about having a female gender identity, and the need to transition to that end. Yuki always keeps up a positive attitude, and now runs a successful gay bar. Sadly, since her transition, she has not been on good terms with her parents, who run a school and business uniform store.

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