Fumiya is a talkative boy one year older than Saori, whom Saori meets when she starts going to a Christian church. Saori is easily annoyed by him, especially when he brings her flowers from his parents' flower shop. He takes an early interest in Saori and tries to become her boyfriend. After meeting Shuichi, Fumiya becomes jealous of Saori's interest in Shuichi, and finds Shuichi's supposed " cross-dressing " gross. Fumiya even goes so far as to 'out' Shuichi in front of a group of friends, alleging that Shuichi dresses in female attire just to attract attention ( called 'gender-bending' in the English language ). While initially lying to Saori and Shuichi about him having an interest in cross-dressing, he does a turn-around, and is later seen dressed as a girl while out with Shuichi, and again at the cultural festival at Shuichi's school. Fumiya enjoys the added attention that comes from his casual cross-dressing, and admits that he likes being called cute. ( Fumiya enjoys cross-dressing as a teen girl, but has a male gender identity, and is not a transgender character. )

Fumiya's Story

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