Anna first comes off as a cold but sociable person. First introduced as a friend of Maho Nitori, Nitori Shuuichi's older sister and also a model at the same agency as Maho. She shares the same group of friends as Maho and is seen at her house, encountering Shuuichi often. Initially disgusted with Shuuichichi's cross dressing stating that it is weak. She soon grows accustomed to it and says that it suits her. It is also revealed that she has a cold and distant demeanor but that in reality that she is a kind and loving person but from the outside she comes off as scaring away both girls and boys alike. She has a affinity towards "weird" things and find that some things that are not normally seen as cute as cute.

Story (Anime)Edit

She is first introduced in the first episode when she is with Maho and are about to go out. She briefly sees Shuuichi and takes a picture of her before leaving. Maho and she return and come across Shuuichi in Maho's dress. Maho berates Shuuichi for this, telling her that she is sick. Anna does not play a large role until Shuuichi starts to date her. Anna knows about Nitori's crossdressing tendency and is supportive of it, even going out on a date while Nitori is dressed up as a girl. Even later when Nitori states that being a crossdresser/transgender is who is she is and that it may be uncomfortable for Anna, but she must know that Nitori's future may include becoming a woman. Even with this revelation she accepts her and they continue their relationship anew.

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